Everyone enjoying anpan, from the Yanase’s Theater DVD!

Everyone enjoying anpan, from the Yanase’s Theater DVD!

Anpanman episode livestream rules and FAQ:

I stream Anpanman every week, Friday mornings at 2:20am central time. Sometimes people are new to the stream and the chat, and it can get a bit hectic, so I thought I’d make some rules for the chat for easy reference, so everything goes smoothly!

rules for my streams:

  • No linking, I don’t want to accidentally click anything while clicking back onto the chatroom and mess up the recording.
  • Please do not make drug-related jokes.
  • Keep the conversation suitable for minors.
  • It’s best if you keep the conversation Anpanman-related, better if you keep the convo related to the episodes being streamed. That’s what we’re there for, after all! I stream it so everyone can enjoy Anpanman and get into it.
  • Be kind, naturally!

Also, don’t ever be afraid to chat or ask questions! I’ll put some FAQ here too:

Why are there no subs?: I am streaming live Japanese TV.
Are these really brand new episodes?: Yep!
What program do you use?: Used to be Keyhole TV, Now I use Niji.
What is this about?: Anpanman is about a superhero made of bean jam-filled bread (anpan) who feeds hungry people (with his head) and saves the day from the bad guy, Baikinman, who is a germ-like alien. There are lots of people in his world based on different foods and objects. Check out my characters page for more info on individual characters.
Can you understand it?: For the most part, I know a bit of Japanese and can understand most of what’s being said in a pre-school show like this. Feel free to ask me what they said at any given point, I also try to live-translate when I can.
Where can I find episodes?: There are a bunch on Veoh.com (no subtitles mostly), or you can ask me and i can send you episodes with characters that you like.

Thank you for reading, let’s all have fun in the streams!

Do you happen to know if there is any Anpanman fandubs, or at least any subtitled episodes?

There are no fandubs, and very few subtitles. One person I know uploaded some subtitles somewhere but I can’t remember which video site it was or if they are still up. (i’m sure that person will reply to this with an answer to that eventually, haha)

I have subtitles only two episodes myself, if you would like them I can send them to you, but right now I don’t have them uploaded anywhere.

forgive me if this is a newbie question but is there a reason that Anpanman has like... square nose and cheek shine? i have been thinking about this for like 3 months its a really cool distinctive design choice

That’s a good question, I actually have no idea either! Takashi Yanase (the creator) had just been drawing them like that in the picture books since about the beginning.

Maybe it was just easy to color it that way. Anyone’s guess is as good as mine, though! I like it too, either way.

Not totally Anpanman related, but have you heard of this youtube channel called Rinozawa? It's a cute channel about a Japanese family and their two kids. I thought I'd mention them seeing how the kids love love love Anpanman and have a lot of cool stuff shown in the videos. The son even got a homemade creampanda cake for his birthday

i havent seen it! That sounds super adorable though

Hi. B>

oh cool a baikinman blog! I wanna know who runs it! More fans!!!


Do you draw?

Oops, I guess one more before I leave, yes, I do! You can find my art on my main blog hamigakimomo !! The art tag is here as well. I do enjoy drawing Anpanman characters from time to time.


It is time for me to leave you all for a good night’s sleep. Thank you for the fun asks! Feel free to send Anpanman-related asks any time. :o)

It is time for me to leave you all for a good night’s sleep. Thank you for the fun asks! Feel free to send Anpanman-related asks any time. :o)

Germ infestation

Ummm ummm... Bread???

These kinds of questions are getting hard to answer haha

Who is your favorite Anpanman character?

Already answered one like this, but I’m going to use it as an excuse to post another picture of Hamigakiman.

Yes hello I am the jam anon but seriously this is my jam I used to watch VHS recordings my mom took in Japan with my brother. But I must ask, who's your favourite character?

Oh hello! I’m glad you like the blog, then. That’s great that you got to watch it!

Tough question… I think my favorite character has to be Hamigakiman.

He’s just a really cute character, plus he’s cool and strong, for a tube of toothpaste. He will always be a personal fave of mine.

Now, if you asked for who the BEST character is without my own bias…

Definitely Horrorman. What a great guy.

I love so many characters though, it’s hard not to give honorable mentions. Anpanman himself, Uncle Jam, Batako, Naganegiman, Shiratama-san, Katsudonman, Amefuri Oni, Maki-chan… ahh too many good ones. Every character is fun in their own way.